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Call or email USA Lift Sales at (717) 432-5672 or with any questions

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Why Choose Advantage for Your Auto Lifts and Other Garage Equipment?

Get the Advantage You Deserve

After taking time to research and test the capabilities of the other auto lifts on the market, Advantage Lifts brings together all of the best features and benefits from each lift in order to develop and provide the best automotive lifts around for residential or shop usage.

Advantage Lifts are an exquisite example of how even the most utilitarian of products such as residential car garage lifts can incorporate thoughtful design elements.

The double-action safety lock system incorporated in each lift shows that safety comes first and foremost when it comes to using Advantage auto lift products.

The caster system of Advantage lifts makes it easier than ever to move your auto lift to any location.

Each Advantage auto lift also features a power unit with normal residence voltage requirements — meaning they are complete DIY setups for residential usage that do not require the assistance of electricians in order to operate.

To make their high-quality auto lifts even more approachable for use as your go-to residential garage lift, Advantage provides a multitude of installation videos for assembling your particular auto lift unit.

Standard Standard Standard
7,000 - 8,000 lbs 9,000 lbs 7,000 lbs
Maximum Clearance Below Runway On Top Lock Position
64" - 70" 71" 63"
Runway Length
160" - 170" 170" 162"
Runway Width(Outside to Outside)
72" - 78" 75" 78"
Built For Maximum Safety, Stability, & Rigidity
High Quality Square Post Design With Around Post Sleeve
5" x 5" High Quality Structural Steel Post(Maximum Stability)
Laser Cut Locking Notches(Retain Structural Strength & Rigidity)
5 Year Post-Post Warranty
Included accessories(Ramps, Caster Set, Drip Trays, Rollng Jack Tray)

$2,000 - $2,595(Included All Acc.)

"You Get What You Pay For"


"The Choice Is Clear"

$5,470(Included All Acc.)

"Why Pay More For Way Less"


Although more notably found in professional auto shops, Advantage Lifts now offers a 2-Post Lift that will work perfectly in your garage. They feature two heavy-duty posts on each side with braces that connect them on which your vehicle rests. Two-post lifts provide more than enough room for you to get underneath your vehicle and perform any sort of repairs needed.

The Advantage 2-post lift features a 9,000-pound lift capacity along with a variety of customizable options including an overhead or floor plate setup.

See all of the the advantages this economical, 2-post car lift provides, and get one for your garage today.

Advantage 9,000 lb. 2-Post Lift

Stop gambling you and your vehicle’s safety with cheap auto lifts and get the Advantage you deserve. This economical, high-quality, 2-post auto lift gets your vehicle hoisted with ease and even offers a floor plate chain-over feature with a dual-point lock release, steel pulleys, high-strength equalization cables, and double-telescoping screw pads. Both the overhead and floor plate model come standard with a one-year limited warranty and are built to handle every make and model of vehicle — from the smallest cars, to SUVs, to trucks. Get your Advantage 2-post car lift today exclusively from USA Lift Sales.

  • The Advantage 9000 2-post auto lift is available in either an overhead or floor plate version.
  • Delivery and professional installation is available for this 2 post auto lift, but you can do it yourself with their instructional videos.
  • The Advantage 9000 features a 9,000-lb. lifting capacity — enough to handle any car, truck or SUV.
  • The overhead model of the Advantage 9000 2-post auto lift may be assembled with a symmetric or asymmetric column configuration.


These types of garage car lifts are made for the big boys. From cars, to trucks, to SUVs and RVs, the Advantage 4-post lifts are becoming increasingly popular in residential garages for their ease-of-use and benefits, and each auto lift is made with the Advantage attention to detail and superior quality standards.

Whether you are looking for a car lift for sale to hoist your ride for performing repairs underneath it safely and easily, or you simply want to create more storage space in your residential garage or home shop, these 4-post auto lifts fit the bill.

With customizable features, side-by-side capabilities, and even extra long specifications available, Advantage lifts are the standard in 4-post lifts made with safety, durability, and reliability prioritized.

Advantage 9,000 lb. Heavy Duty 4-Post Lift

When it comes to an auto storage lift for either your residential or commercial garage, the Advantage SS-9000 HD is not your average, run-of-the-mill, imported knock-off. It is the Advantage you deserve.

This 4-post car lift is the real deal, designed with more than 15 years of experience and attention to detail by the team at USA Lift Sales. Capable of lifting multiple cars and holding up to 9,000 pounds, this 4-post lift is ideal for any home garage or commercial auto shop.

Each Advantage 4-post lift features a five-year warranty on both the structure and the hydraulics. Order yours online today, and see why we pride ourselves on our superior designs and high-quality auto lifts.

  • The Advantage SS-9000 HD is a 4-post lift that is designed to a tee and built to last without wobble or compromise.
  • This Advantage 4-post lift package includes a four post lift, aluminum ramp, rolling jack tray, caster kit, and drip trays.
  • The Advantage SS-9000 HD is built to handle any vehicle in your garage, with a maximum lift capacity of up to 9,000 pounds.

Advantage 9,000 lb. Extra Long/Tall 4-Post Lift

Do you have a boat? Or maybe just a lengthy collector car that many people refer to as a boat? Then you’re likely looking for the Advantage SS-9000 XLT, which provides added length for superior lifting, storage, and maintenance — ensuring that your vehicles are stable and secure in any setting.

The SS-9000XLT offers the same expert craftsmanship and durable design of the Advantage SS-9000 HD 4-post lift with an extra foot of clearance for easier auto storage or maintenance.

Far from being your typical residential garage car lift, the Advantage SS-9000XLT is a four-post lift capable of providing the convenience, space, and productivity you deserve. Featuring a complete four-post lift bundle, drip trays, aluminum ramp, rolling jack tray, and caster kit, the SS-9000XLT 4-post auto lift has everything you could ever need or want from an auto lift.

Each Advantage 4-post car lift features a five-year warranty on both the structure and the hydraulics. Shop USA Lifts Sales online today to experience the Advantage difference.

  • With a lift capacity of 9,000 pounds and almost 7 feet of ground clearance, the Advantage SS-9000 HD 4-post lift is a car collector’s best friend with more room for auto storage and maintenance in your garage than ever before.
  • With pull-out stops on both ends of the car lift, you can easily drive through your lift.
  • Get everything for your auto lifting needs in one convenient bundle when you order the Advantage SS-9000 HD 4-post lift from USA Lift Sales.

Advantage 10,000 lb. Side by Side 4-Post Heavy Duty Lift

These are not your typical, middle-of-the-road, imported car lifts that you see for sale everywhere. This 4-post lift is designed with Advantage craftsmanship. The side-by-side, four-post design is built with the end user in mind, giving you the peace of mind, superior design, and versatility you need for safely lifting your vehicles.

Whether you are storing your old sport vehicles or working on a giant, old clunker, the Advantage SXS-10000HD can handle the job. Order your quality 4-post car lift from USA Lift Sales online today.

  • The Advantage SXS-10000 heavy-duty 4-post lift is built to last and made exclusively by Advantage Lifts.
  • With a 10,000-pound lift capacity and four posts for maximum stability, the the Advantage SXS-10000HD is ideal for residential garages and auto shops.
  • Each of our auto lifts is backed by the Advantage expertise of more than 15 years of designing, building, selling, and installing car lifts, along with a five-year warranty for both the vehicle lift structure and hydraulics.

Advantage 11,000 lb. Heavy Duty 4-Post Lift

The SS-11000 HD is our “big boy” four post lift, built for the avid RV owner, or the guy with the super-duty, four-door, long-bed dually pickup and a classic hot rod to tinker with, too. Whatever your ride, this auto lift can do it all. The Advantage SS-11000 is one of the largest car lifts for sale that you can still put a set of casters on and make portable.

This heavy-duty 4-post lift is far from your average car lift that you see for sale or in other garages. Advantage has taken their 15 years of experience selling, installing, designing, and building lifts and put it towards providing you with a high-quality car lift that meets your needs and will lasts for years on end.

  • Each auto lift is built to our specifications, giving the customer a superior design and high-quality car lift to meet any of your needs.
  • This Advantage 4-post lift, just like our others, comes with a five-year warranty on the structure as well as on the hydraulics.
  • This Advantage lift system features enlarged pulleys, cables, and an additional 1,099 pounds, allowing this four-post lift to hoist up to a whopping 11,000 pounds.

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